Monday, 21 September 2009

Coming soon! New book and website builder for "5 to 9ers"

Do you have a full-time job, but are running a business from home in your free time?

Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation is writing a new book aimed squarely at you. It's called "Working 5 to 9: how to build a successful business in your spare time".

And, Emma's also teamed up with a creative agency called "Jump To", to provide a website builder for 5 to 9 'ers (that's people who work from 5pm to 9pm - or 9am! - on their home business).

Both the book and the website builder will be available from January 2010.

If Emma's last book, "Spare Room Start Up", is anything to go by, the new book will be fun, lively and packed with lots of useful tips and advice. And the website builder sounds a great tool, too, so long as it avoids churning out identikit websites :-)

To register your interest, head over to Enterprise Nation here.

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