Friday, 4 September 2009

Home business on the move

If you're anything like me, as well as an office at your home, you'll need to work on the move sometimes. That could be in a cafe, on the train, from a holiday cottage if you're really keen, etc. etc.

So you may need to use a BlackBerry, laptop, netbook or some other gizmo to access the Internet.

On my other blog today I've written about how the staff at a Carlisle cafe were helpful and flexible enough to work around me needing to plug in my netbook there.

I'm surprised, though, that in these days of mobile working, not everywhere has a policy about computer access by customers. Even cafes that don't provide WiFi may have customers with mobile broadband dongles who want to work there (like me).

There may be places which don't have convenient sockets, or who don't have a policy, or who say "no" and won't change their minds.

Do be aware that not everywhere is going to be as responsive to customer needs and as ready to think on their feet as these ladies at the Carlisle cafe.

Today's piece of advice is - if you are on the move, don't forget to fully charge your device at home before you go!

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