Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Could YOU be due for a tax refund?

Earlier on today I attended an absolutely cracking marketing seminar with Geoff Ramm. I can safely say I've never known a seminar whizz by so fast. Geoff was energetic, zingy and full of fun, and there was no guff in sight. Nor did he advise us to do hugely expensive marketing exercises. All his advice was for easy, quick and CHEAP changes to marketing. Brilliant.

He even did the Diet Coke and Mentoes experiment (dropping a mint into a bottle of Diet Coke to create a Coke fountain - made a right mess of the tablecloth but certainly gave us a laugh).

After the seminar, I was chatting to a lady who was in a situation that I suspect a lot of people are in right now.

She was in full-time employment for part of the year ended 5th April 2009, which of course means she was paying one-twelfth of a full year's tax each month.

Then she got made redundant, and started up her own business.

But unless its monthly profits and any other untaxed income she has came up to her month's salary, she'll have paid too much tax.

So she might be entitled to a refund, assuming the National Insurance on the business's profits doesn't gobble the difference up.

But until she (or a friendly accountant) crunches the numbers, she won't know for certain.

So don't leave your tax return gathering dust in a drawer. Get it sorted as soon as you can. Because come January, HM Revenue will be snowed under with tax returns and you'll be waiting that much longer for your refund. Get the return filed now and you could receive your refund within weeks. I did and so did one of my other clients.

What are you waiting for!

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  1. Good sound advice M.
    I have lost track of the clients who wait until the last minute only to find they have been sitting on a refund!


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