Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Insurance for home-based businesses

One dilemma for us home-based business owners is insurance.

Will the standard buildings and contents insurance policy cover
  • home business equipment,
  • stock,
  • a flood that makes it impossible to work from home and means you have to pay for an alternative place to work while repairs are on-going,
  • suing by visiting clients who trip over a pair of wellies left in the porch?
Equipment and stock might be particularly difficult to get cover for if they're what insurers call "attractive to thieves", e.g. a laptop computer, the stock of a jewellery maker.

So I was pleased to find, thanks to a tip from Emma at Enterprise Nation, that Direct Line do a policy specifically for home business owners. Their site is here.

I hasten to add I'm not reselling insurance here. I get no commission from Direct Line for mentioning their policy or if anyone chooses to buy it. This is just a pointer to a site that might be useful.

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