Friday, 10 July 2009

Dressing for homeworking

When you're working from home, one of the great advantages is that you don't have to follow an office dress code.

You can work in your pyjamas if you want to (Liz Jackson admits that's what she used to do when she started her business from home). You can wear a favourite old sweater when it's cold, or pad around in shorts and bare feet when it's hot.

Some home business owners do prefer to dress up smart every day, to help them get into a "work" frame of mind.

But the point is, it's up to us. We don't have to do what some poor goons have to do and wear matching suits all day, even in the heat of summer.

And when you're your own boss, you get to pick what to wear when you visit your customers/clients. You can decide what image you want to project. I try and avoid the stereotypical "accountant" look of a pin-striped suit and white blouse. For one thing, I look ghastly in black and white, and for another, I'm not your average accountant, so I don't want to look like one.

My two smart jackets are 1) bright red and 2) deep rose pink. So I look smart and professional, but cheerful and approachable.

1 comment:

  1. M imagining you in a pinstrpe suit kind of makes me chuckle.

    Anyway isn't a whole year of 'accountanting' traninig dedicated to dress code. Grey isnt it? MIAB = 'Men In Almost Black?'

    I don't know, you tell me!


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