Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What perks for no commute?

My friend and fellow accountant Shaun McGuinness of Tax Sorted writes about some of the perks that employees can receive from their employers without also receiving a whacking great tax bill.

One of them is a tax-free bicycle to ride to work and a tax-free breakfast when the cyclist arrives at work. (And hopefully the employer would also provide a changing room and shower.)

And cyclists who provide their own bike get a 20p/mile allowance, compared to 40p/mile for the first 10,000 miles driven in your own car and 25p/mile thereafter. That sounds generous to me.

Shaun says:
We have thus far waited in vain for the introduction of joggers’ breakfasts and walkers’ breakfasts!
I agree - there's no mileage rate at all for walking to work and no provision for a tax-free breakfast for those who use shanks's pony to get to work.

And what about those of us whose commute is a walk into the dining room / spare room / down the garden to the shed - home business owners and homeworking employees? How about a tax-free breakfast for us Mr Darling?!

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